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Your Biz café is a multi-resource and services company site. The website (formerly known as Annual Press) was founded on the idea of Ezine marketing, and blog hosting services. The service offers have long since expanded to internet marketing, blog hosting, free traffic resources, and standard Webhosting services. Go to the Website section to see the other services Your Biz Café Has to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by opening a ticket.


YBC Ad Blog: Free Advertising Blog for Affiliates and Business Owners. Share articles from your blog, business opportunities, and affiliate business offers. You can update your status to up to 300 characters. Post any time you need to. Sign up and follow me for updates on all things Your Biz Cafe.

YBC Adboard: Post your ads every three days for free. Plus, your ads
stay relevant for five days. Upgrade to pro and you can post up to five times every day. Sign up today!

YB Cafe Ads: At YB Cafe Ads you can increase website traffic by advertising in our network of websites. YBC Café Ads have banner ads and text ad packages. Click the banner to find out more about the One Week introductory text ad package.

Traffic Bean: At Traffic Bean, you can purchase targeted traffic, Alexa traffic, Casino traffic, and social visitors. Plus, Email marketing to reach a secret audience of potential customers.

Blogs at YBC:(Coming Soon) Offers free blogging services to business owners, affiliates, and people with personal interests. This is a user-friendly platform that is simple to set up in a few minutes. If you would like to create content that will help build your audience, go to the Start Your Blog page to set up your website. You can upgrade your account at any time.

Publisher Host: Premium Ad Exchange Friendly Webhosting. Our hosting packages come with the easy-to-work-with Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is equipped with free-of-cost tools and bonuses. All Your Biz Café Websites are hosted on this platform.



About the Admin (The Human)

My name is Stephanie. I am the owner of The Your Biz Café Network Of websites. Your Biz Café LLC. I am a New York City resident, and I love coffee. Why did I start Your Biz Café? I wanted to have a system of free and low-cost services that would aid in your business goals. I also wanted members of my websites to share their interests and hobbies. Growing up in a corporate environment I have come to appreciate things being simpler.

Why do I say that?

All Your Biz Café websites are user-friendly and have a simpler feel. Sometimes when you are blogging it seems like you are doing more maintenance rather than creating informative content. What about when you are promoting your services? You must spend time with setup rather than doing something else. Well, you won’t have to worry about too much maintenance. Look at the Website Section to find out a little more. If you have any questions or need to make a suggestion, please feel free to go to the help desk and open a ticket.


Introducing YB Cafe Ads
Introducing YB Cafe Ads

Advertising is a big part of promoting a business. Whether you do it online or offline, it is safe to ...

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Welcome to Your Biz Cafe
Welcome to Your Biz Cafe

Your Biz Cafe has gone through so many things. Formerly known as Annual Press, Your Biz Cafe has a wide ...

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